Tuesday, November 27, 2007

W Street Project

current view

Local development company Four Points, LLC has finally won approval from the DC Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB) to move forward with their major project at W and 13th Streets, SE. It is incredibly exciting to see residential infill development finally come to Anacostia, a neighborhood that we all know has limitless potential for regeneration and growth.

future greatness

what it looks like now

I attended one of the HPRB meetings a couple months ago when Four Points was presenting, and at the time was glad to see that the board was being very strict about the design of this project. Because it is in the Anacostia Historic District, there are many guidelines that have to be followed to uphold and strengthen the current aesthetic.

The project will have a total of 24 buildings with 40 housing units. There will be 16 buildings with 32 condo units, a rebuilt single-family home that is a replica of the structure that currently sits on-site (see photo below), and 7 townhouses.

abandoned house to be rebuilt as single-family

Four Points will not be applying for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification, and none of the buildings will have roof-decks, despite the potential for really awesome views.

view of interior alley dwellings

site plan


Anonymous said...

Do you know of any discussions between Four Points and the HPO regarding the creation of the roadway that will intersect with W and V Streets? If so, please share anything that you've learned.

Also, do you know any information on any LEED discussions that the HPO may have had with Four Points? Again, if so please share.

Thanks for blogging!

David Garber said...

I know that there were a lot of discussions based on the safety of having a dead-end alley. Based on those discussions, the developer is now snaking the alley through to V Street, making it an L Shape.

Also, the developer is not seeking LEED certification (unfortunately!). There are no requirements for that at this point from Hist. Pres.