Thursday, September 13, 2007

Development Potential: Part 1

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Anacostia is home to the highest percentage of vacant and underutilized land in the District. It is literally seconds from everything via very accessible highways and Metro, and boasts some of the best views around.

The sensitive scale of development on 14th Street in and around Logan Circle is a fitting model for the kind of reinvestment many in the neighborhood would love to see here, as is the infill that has gone in all around Capitol Hill over the years. While it is not up to me to decide what should fill these lots and fa├žades, a mix of multifamily and retail seems pretty ideal at this point. (And by retail I don't mean check-cashing shops.) This survey is not official, but is a reflection of many residents' feelings of "this could be so much more".

Part 1 focuses on the development potential of Anacostia's lower Good Hope Road area. Because Good Hope is on a hill leading to the river, most development would boast Federal City and water views:

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images and graphics by DG-rad


Anonymous said...

I think your idea is great the problem is the precarious position it puts community leaders since many of the abandoned and underutilized properties are controlled by other community "leaders". If this neighborhood was to follow the lead of several other neighborhood West of the River and demand that the Department of Consumer Regulatory Affairs enforce already existing sanctions for boarded up and abandoned properties then there would be a natural momentum to revitalize the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

The guy who works at Secrets of Nature told me several months ago a vegetarian restaurant was opening on Good Hope. Is there any truth to this?

David Garber said...

Hi anon,

While the project / idea is still being developed, the rumor is partially true. The building in question is the round-cornered one at the corner of 15th and Good Hope, and is seeking tenants with a sustainability focus.

Anonymous said...

Would you mention the Sept 29 free walking(and biking) tours sponsored by Cultural Tourism DC on an upcoming blog entry.There are several tours of Anacostia available. The Poplar Point tour I took earlier this summer was great and the guide discussed development plans for the waterfront. ellay76

Anacostia Proponent said...

Few things: where do I go to get a tour on foot or bike of Anacostia? Any idea on how much the estate townhouse style duplex condos will go for in the Estates development?

David Garber said...

for pricing, check out my latest post. also, you might just go to the website (linked) and contact them for specifics.

about the walking tours: I will post soon about that. in the meantime, google "walkingtown dc" for tour times next weekend.