Friday, August 12, 2011

Old Market House Square Update

Renovations at Old Market House Square on 14th Street between U and V are almost complete. Most notable are the new streetlights, new walkways, new grass, new amazingly comfortable bench courtesy of the TKF Foundation, and the brick sidewalk fixes surrounding the square.

Still coming are chess tables, Old Market House Square signage and community board, and I believe some plantings courtesy of the Anacostia Garden Club. Have you been through the square yet?


Anonymous said...

slightly off topic - Could you recommend a route for a driving tour of Anacostia for an empty nester suburbanite window shopping for walkable, transit oriented, real estate? (of course I want to get out of the car and walk, but will feel more comfortable scoping areas out from my car first)

David Garber said...

hey for some reason just saw this comment ... send me an email and I'll send a map! anacostianow[at]