Monday, June 6, 2011

St. Elizabeths West Campus Tour - Sign Up!

A couple days ago We Love DC had a great post about the uber-popular St. Elizabeths West Campus tours put on by the DC Preservation League.

The next tour is Saturday, June 18 from 10-11am. Sign up here!

These monthly tours fill up fast, so sign up today!


kiki said...

aww! i wish i could go but i have to go to a wedding.

staff writer said...

Why would people want to go and visit a crazy house? Lol. In other words, I need an update on what that particular campus will become (community center, etc.) that would spark the interest :)

David Garber said...

Eve - the West Campus is on its way to becoming the headquarters for the Department of Homeland Security and the US Coast Guard. It is fascinating to walk around the campus, see the views, and learn the history of the site. Click on the link to the We Love DC article to get a sense for what I'm talking about.

Rebecca said...

This link will take you to the Economic Development website that describes the city's goals for redevelopment of the East Campus.

They will be holding numerous public meetings and I encourage the public to participate and let them know what it would like to see as part of the redevelopment.

CongressHeightsCarpetbagger said...


I haven't yet been on the West Campus tour. Every time I try to sign up, I'm always too late. They fill up fast. But last week, DDOT just sponsored a two-hour tour of the East Campus, and it was fantastic! The campus is so green and peaceful, and the buildings really are beautiful, even in their current state. The redevelopment potential is amazing.

They discussed possible plans for development (a mixed-use town center w/ residential, business, and retail; a Homeland Security University or community college; a hotel). Lots of potential plans that will be rolled out in phases. But what they really need now is community input on what we'd like to see there. I strongly encourage you (and any other residents interested in the upcoming development) to come out to the next meeting on Thursday, June 30th, from 7-9pm, at the Imagine Southeast Charter School at 3100 MLK Ave SE.