Thursday, April 21, 2011

Survey: Big K Block Redevelopment

Friends, neighbors, and citywide citizens: the Department of Housing and Community Development has put out a survey asking for priorities and suggestions for the redevelopment of the "Big K" site at MLK and Morris Road.

Do you want housing? Offices? Another community center? Restaurant and retail space? This survey will be used as a guide for the redevelopment that will take place over the next few years. In the housing options listed on the survey, there was no option for market rate housing, only varying levels of affordable. Remember, there is always a choice to write in an "other" suggestion.

In my opinion, this site needs be a mix of residential, cultural, commercial, and retail. The two large houses need to be retained and preserved as they are. They would be a great home for a museum, front-dining restaurants, or offices. I think additional density needs to be at the corner of the block where Big K is, but that the Big K building should be incorporated into that density.

Click Here to take the survey - it only takes a few minutes!


No chance for change said...

Continuing along the lines of resisiting all change in Anacostia, I expect the local community will reject any recommendations, be combatitive/racist/ignorant at all public forums, recommend making a homeless shanty town or gang enclave in the form of section 8 housing, or ask for a the big statue dedicated to Marion Barry. Please prove me wrong.

kiki said...

what if there is the promise of creating jobs? will that help?

Ann-Marie said...

Those two large homes to the left of the Big K look like they are going to fall down any minute. If they were restored, that would be great. If not, they need to be torn down, if possible. In their present state, they're just eyesores.

Sariane Leigh said...

I suggest turning that whole dilapidated strip into an Anacostia Visitor's Museum. I often see confused and timid tourists bravely trekking down MLK with no idea of how to get to the Frederick Douglass house or the art museums. Keep the facade of hte hold houses for walking tours and turn Big K into an information center.
Tourists LOVE DC. Anacostia should be no exception.
@No chance for change. You are funny, eerily perceptive, but funny!

David Garber said...

I would actually love to see this happen - and have a depot of the Anacostia Community Museum there. Write it in your survey!

Kara C said...

Thanks for the link. I gave my input.