Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Big K Site Visioning Meeting Tonight

The Big K Site (you know, the giant block with four very horrible looking buildings on it - two of which have amazing restoration potential) on MLK Avenue between Maple View Place and Morris Street, was recently purchased by the DC Department of Housing and Community Development. They want your help envisioning the future of the site:

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My priority for the site is that the two large estate homes closer to the corner of MLK and Maple View are fully restored and repurposed as either office space, restaurant use, or some cultural use. This block is the southwestern gateway to the Anacostia Historic District, so we need to make sure it makes a statement that respects what is there now and also inspires better-looking development elsewhere in the neighborhood.


brian said...

DHCD? WOW!! Next to DCRA, they are one of the worst City Agencies there are. Leila Edmonds is a complete MORON. Stay on top of it.

Unknown said...

I went to this meeting... I took off early... I'm very disappointed to say it was a waste of time. Talk about wanting change without wanting change... Pitiful meeting. We could barely get to any suggestions - it was mostly "I'm such and such and I've been here forever" and "All you want to do is displace everyone who lives here"... total waste.

Gentry Fication said...

We want you to build everything new and give it to us. no whites allowed

David Garber said...

Biz: Last night's meeting was a complete circus. I was embarrassed at the human race, to be honest.

Gentry Fication: if that is meant to be snarky, then ha. If you are serious, then no comment.

AnacostiaQUE said...

I actually forgot about this meeting, but it seems it lived up to how meetings can go around here. I'm sorry it went the way of the circus. I've been all over this area, lived and worked, and to be so close to downtown, it's like the land that time forgot around here. We have a lot going on with our dynamics and this plays out in our direction. There is the post-racial, but there is also the pre-racial society. Generational differences play a part as well. It is what it is on some level, but hopefully it doesn't amount to the same road travelled resulting in no city support. Who wants to deal with a circus, baggage, etc, in 2010, when attention can be diverted to H St or Brentwood/RI Island? Let's get it together people....FOCUS!