Thursday, October 14, 2010

Curbside Cupcakes on MLK!

Cupcakes in Anacostia. It actually happened. Yesterday. Curbside Cupcakes finally made its way to MLK Avenue in the heart of Historic Anacostia yesterday morning after being in operation in the city for almost a year.

Fortunately, people were lined up and excited about the food truck, so I hope it will come back! Despite being only a year old, Curbside Cupcakes is one of the oldest in the city's fast-growing fleet of hip, delicious, and brightly colored food trucks serving everything from Korean BBQ tacos to Maine lobster rolls. I know Anacostia's daytime population would be ecstatic to see more of the trucks cross the river!

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Katherine said...

Maine Lobster rolls and curbside cupcakes! Heavenly.
I enjoyed my visit to your charming blog. I look forward to future posts. Please notify me if you add a follow me area. Wishing you happiness, Katherine