Monday, August 16, 2010

Good Thing: Another New House

I don't think Martha has picked up this piece of news just yet, but ... new houses in Anacostia? It's A Good Thing. (that is, unless the builder does a slapped-together job, then it's a bad thing)

District Properties has been snatching up vacant parcels in the neighborhood over the past couple years and has been turning out some good additions to the hood. Their interest came at about the same time as the creation of the Historic Anacostia Design Review Committee, so the houses have been required to meet a more stringent building code than in years past.

This house is on 14th Street just across from the ├╝ber-lovely Frederick Douglass estate. To it's right is another house done by the same company, although it's original facade was preserved during the process.

[editor / design review co-chair's note: clearly both of these houses are completely white. blah. their next house on W Street will have some color.]

Interested in checking it out? It's for sale for $265,000.

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