Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bar & Grill coming to MLK Ave!

We. Have. Arrived. (or at least with this news we're further along) With a tentative opening of summer 2010, Uniontown Bar & Grill will be the neighborhood's first sit-down non-coffee watering hole.

Its location at 2200 MLK Avenue is within a block of both the Gallery at Vivid Solutions (digital photolab, gallery) and Big Chair Coffee. The building might not look like much now, but don't worry, it's just the before picture for what will be a pretty great project. Despite some complications with the TIF financing the owners were awarded in 2008, the restoration will finally move forward, bringing it back to the future (old design, modern functionality).

What it used to look like:

What it will look like (but probably with different colors):

Tentative Food Menu:
Crab Dip
Chips & Salsa
Popcorn Shrimp
Catfish Pieces
Gourmet Grilled Cheese
Maryland Style Crab cake
Tuna Melt
Turkey Burger
Signature Burger
Roast Turkey Sandwich
Chicken Salad Sandwich
Cajun Chicken Sandwich
House Salad
Caesar Salad
Green Salad
Baked Potato Soup
Seafood Gumbo
Sides: Fries, Salad, or Sweet Potato Fries
The local entrepreneur opening Uniontown Bar & Grill decided on Anacostia because of its strong population of daytime workers with no place to relax with a cold one after work, as well as the exciting promise of Homeland Security moving close by. The restaurant bar will have a total seating capacity of 153 spread across a large bar, booth seating, and tables. Woohoo!


IMGoph said...

and for those who are unfamiliar, uniontown was the original name for the subdivision platted out east of the anacostia river that became today's historic anacostia neighborhood.

NolaCola said...

Ahhh... Uniontown, back before Frederick Douglass purchased the prominent house on the hill from the developer who insisted that the people who currently preside over "Anacostia" not be allowed to live there. I hope the owners aren't trying to be cute, harking back to the good ole days...

Although, I am excited about a sit-down restaurant!!

lovecompletely said...

Finally! I'm so tired of giving my money to Capitol Hill... driving out of my own neighborhood to have a restaurant experience :)

Jacki said...

And SPF to boot!!!! (sweet potato fries-woohoo!)

Darrin D. Davis said...

I'm happy that soooo many good things are finally happening in Anacostia!

DreamCity dude said...

Where'd you get the old photo? Historical Society?

Thanks for the great post.

And yes, we know it was named Uniontown and MLK Avenue was not always MLK Avenue.

We can think and know history IMGoph

IMGoph said...

dreamcity dude: wow, why the harsh response. i was just sharing a little bit of knowledge. i'm sure many people reading this blog are aware of the history of the name 'uniontown,' but i figured it couldn't hurt to share.

there was no reason to jump down my throat and be rude.

DC Debutante said...

I'm so excited!

AnacostiaQUE said...

This is great, but we still need housing options to match the type of amenities that we want.

In a walkable community concept, it will take more than a few historic houses (in need of significant repair) to generate the foot traffic that is needed to sustain these new businesses...

Drive around the Hill, H St and now the Navy Yard and the housing stock (quality and quantity) is abundant....Rows and rows of good quality brick rowhouses to choose from. Even if you have to "fix up", you are among houses that are "kept up"...

I like the new businesses, but I will be happy to see new development that brings better housing options to help incresase the tax base for our area...

This will KEEP the businesses here.

Anonymous said...

@AnacostiaQUE and force many of the current residents out! We need to fight to ensure that quality and AFFORDABLE housing remain

Brian said...

@Anonymous...Yes and force the current residents out who have let the neighborhood degrade and be crime-ridden. Bringing more "affordable" housing means only having barely "affordable" food options. We can see how far that has gotten us with the choices currently on MLK. Prices will go up in most major cities as they all regentrify. The baby boomers all wanted huge houses in the suburbs. The new generations have adopted a live, work, play attitude and do not desire to have long commutes. There will be plenty of affordable housing (already is) in the suburbs for those who can't afford it. This is just a generational change of attitude and it's happening all across the country. Hopefully Anacostia will follow suit and the people who work here can live and play here as well eventually.