Tuesday, November 10, 2009

check it: Flip't on Prince of Petworth

This is last week's "news", but I've started a new feature on the blog Prince of Petworth called Flip't. It will chronicle the renovation and sale of a house I am flipping on U Street SE here in Historic Anacostia.

The first post got quite the response, with a lively discussion in the comments about gentrification and renovation. I'll point you in the direction of Prince of Petworth next time I update so you can get in on the ground floor. Until then, enjoy.

Click Here
to read the first edition of Flip't.


The Advoc8te said...

We are so proud of you David! You are so committed. Don't worry - I got your back! lol. Please keep us up to date on your project - I am so excited. I am going to link to it tonight.


Your work in the area IS appreciated. If only we had more people like you!

Anonymous said...

Hey David, as we are preparing plans for a Rivereast renovation ourselves we sure appreciate your love for the community and your willingness to try and catch a knife--having done a fair number of major rehabs I know the story all to well--nothing easy and particularly profitable about the business, especially when just starting out. I am particularly concerned that the Rivereast sales of bank owned property is seemingly offsetting the Housing Tax Credit/Low Interest rate stimulus--i.e. we have a bit more distance to the bottom!

However, all that being said, there is not another place I would buy/invest in a home in the US today than Rivereast.

Anonymous said...

Need Stucco? I hired Reggie Bullard, he did a great job at reasonable price on my CH Rowhouse rear addition. His website has tons of pictures of his jobs.