Tuesday, September 1, 2009

FIOS comes here first

the first FIOS box in the District ... 19th Street SE in Fairlawn

This morning Mayor Fenty, Councilwoman Cheh, Verizon officials, and the Chief Technology Officer met in Fairlawn to officially activate the first FIOS cable in the District of Columbia. And it came east of the river first.

the officials lined up to press the button at the same time that somehow fused the necessary cables together

after the button-pressing, Verizon technicians did the real work...

Fenty and Cheh celebrate!

Bringing FIOS to the District is a big deal because it means increased options for cable, phone, and internet. It's fiber-optic broadband, which brings us up to speed with neighboring suburban jurisdictions, and makes DC that much more attractive for those interested in moving in.

The first neighborhoods to get it will be Barry Farm, Brightwood, Columbia Heights, Crestwood, Fairlawn, Fort Stanton, Friendship Heights, Historic Anacostia, Petworth, Shepherd Park, Sheridan, Tenleytown, Van Ness and Woodley Park.

Click Here for Verizon's press release and more info the technology


DC Debutante said...

I saw it on the news tonight. Its good River East is getting the first of something good.

Brandon Green said...

Excellent news--especially for those lucky neighborhoods! I'm a real estate broker here in DC and have a lot of buyers asking me about what their high-speed options are.

Anonymous said...

What about Congress Heights ?

Deanwoodenizen said...

Anonymous, I don't think our River East Councilmembers fought hard enough to have a more significant deployment in Wards 7 and 8. Nor did they or the city leaders have the vision enough to see the residential development intensity in 7 and 8 and leverage that with Verizon's "need" to have a fairly rapid and stable return on investment.

Anonymous said...

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