Friday, March 27, 2009

workin' on the water mains

wondering what all the torn-up sidewalks, patchy streets, and orange construction fencing is all about?

sawing through street: better pressure is on the way

there are two major underground infrastructure replacement projects underway in the neighborhood: the Anacostia Combined Sewer Separation project (helps reduce pollution in the river), and the Anacostia Water Main project (gives us better water pressure and better water).

how many guys does it take to dig a hole?

whereas the combined sewer project is limited to the blocks between Shannon and 13th Streets, the Water Main project is much more comprehensive and, although it means a hassle in the short term, will be a boon to the neighborhood via a better water supply and newly-paved streets.

The construction is expected to last through 2010. For a comprehensive fact sheet that includes a street-by-street schedule, Click Here (PDF)


Anonymous said...

Yea, more water pressure!!! Can't wait

GF said...

A word to the community…just because your street is dug up doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be left in a livable condition

DC Debutante said...

Have you noticed that ALL D.C. contractors and Federal Government contractors take YEARS to complete a project? I hope the work gets done in a timely fashion.

trading computers said...

yea, no joke

SUPER PC said...