Friday, February 13, 2009

Mr. Douglass' Birthday is Tomorrow!

tomorrow is Frederick Douglass' 191st birthday, and there will be a truly fantastic celebration at his house (1411 W Street SE) from 10-3:30. Some real heavy hitters will be there giving talks and tours.

Schedule of Events: Click to Enlarge

Freedman’s Bank and Bureau
Mr. Reginald Washington, National Archives

Mr. Washington’s program will highlight the history of the Freedman’s Bureau and Freedman’s Bank which were established in 1865. The Freedman’s Bureau established schools and hospitals, supervised labor contracts between former slaves and their employers and sold or leased land. The Freedman’s bank served to help newly freed slaves with their financial needs and Frederick Douglass became president of the Freedman’s Bank in 1874.

Presenting Frederick Douglass
Kevin McIlvaine, Actor/ Artist in Residence

Kevin McIlvaine as Frederick Douglass performs excerpts from several of Douglass’s speeches from various periods of Douglass’s life as an historical perspective of how what Douglass was speaking about changed over time.

Douglass’s American Dream
Dr. John Stauffer, Harvard University

Dr. Stauffer, author of the recent book “Giants,” a dual biography of Lincoln and Douglass, will talk about Douglass’s American Dream and his life in the context of being a true “self made” man. Following this lecture, Dr. Stauffer will sign books outside the bookstore.

Introducing the Violin
The Levine School of Music

Douglass loved music and taught himself to play the violin and inspired his grandchild to become a concert violinist. Students from the Levine school will introduce the instrument and play selections. Program will include an instrument petting zoo at the end of the program to allow children to try various instruments.

Frederick Douglass’s Anacostia
Mr. Tony Thomas, Anacostia Smithsonian Museum

Mr. Tony Thomas will present a program on the history of Anacostia that will illustrate through maps and pictures what Anacostia was like when Douglass lived in the neighborhood.

Douglass- Watchtower of Human Freedom
Ranger Talitha LeFlouria

Talitha LeFlouria is author of a new book that focus’ on Douglass’s life during the time that he lived at Cedar Hill and her talk will illustrate various topics from her book. Following this lecture, Ms. Leflouria will sign books outside the bookstore.

Tour Mobile

Take a bus tour of the city to see other sites associated with Douglass In Washington, DC. Register in the Visitor Center. Tours at Noon and 2:00 p.m. Tour length about 1.5 hours. Cost $7 / person.

announcement clipping courtesy of NPS

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Anonymous said...

It was a great event, but I really wish we had seen a better representation from Anacostia residents. I know it was a holiday weekend and the publicity could have been a bit better (present company excluded), but we really need to take advantage of opportunities taking place in our own back yard, especially if we want to have more like them. Mark your calendar for next year!