Saturday, January 17, 2009

Houses to be Auctioned Jan. 30

There is a city-wide auction taking place January 30th, at which over thirty homes (most of which are in various stages of decay) will go to the highest bidder. Two are located in humble Historic Anacostia, and both offer an incredible opportunity for ridiculous transformation.

1648 U Street SE: I call this the Door House. It has a great old Anacostia flavor, but clearly needs a lot of work.

it's located on a really nice block with a long view

2321 High Street, SE: this one is crazy dilapidated, but on a good street that I bet carries some sweet views from the back.

almost has an old euro vibe, minus any general feeling of coziness

the fact of the matter is that both of these houses will need an incredible amount of work. but please, bid away!

For more information on the auction, Click Here

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