Tuesday, April 15, 2008

$900,000 for Historic Anacostia

This morning Mayor Fenty and Planning Director Harriet Tregoning held a press conference at a home on Valley Place announcing the final delivery of $900,000 in grant money for the 53 homes slated for exterior improvements in the Anacostia Historic District.

Fenty signing the check

The press conference was mostly symbolic: large check, beautiful family receiving grant money, handful of residents and community supporters cheering it on --but also very encouraging to see that this process (grant applications were due last summer) actually works, and that we will begin seeing real results soon. Anacostia will be better for it.

For more information on the Historic Homeowners Grant Program, Click Here

For WBJ's coverage, Click Here

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Magnifique said...

This is great! I have been wistfully looking at some homes on Valley Place (I want to get away from SW- it's getting too crowded!), but as a single female, I don't feel comfortable living on that street because there are so many abandoned homes. I am so glad to hear that improvements are being made- those homes are so beautiful!