Thursday, February 14, 2008

Fenty: No Soccer Deal Yet

transcript from NBC 4 interview:

Mayor Fenty:
"To be accurate, we're working on a plan, we'd love to have a plan, we wanna have DC United here - they've been great for this city and we wanna have a stadium. We don't have a plan yet but we'll keep working towards having one."
...more as it comes.

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KJ said...

Fenty is all talk and all lip service to D.C. United and their supporters. If what he says is true, then shovels would be hitting dirt this year. Fenty is not interested in D.C. United at all, he is interested in how he can turn this around to make himself look good, and take most of or all of the credit for getting this done. The reality of it is Fenty has done nothing but stall and get in the way, and RISK losing United to either MD or VA, all because he wants to make HIMSELF look good. United was willing to fully fund their own stadium, yet still were involved in this awful mess that is Fenty, and the inept D.C. govt. Now, part of me wants to see United LEAVE D.C., just to give fenty and the district a big fat middle finger, because thats about all they deserve at this point after dragging this out and lying to everyone involved for years.