Friday, January 25, 2008

The good word from a representative from Lewis Real Estate Services, the company leasing the space at Anacostia Gateway, is that they are currently in negotiations with a financial institution and a local coffee shop for the ground floor retail. There is an additional 10,400 square feet remaining, of which 6,200 square feet is available for a restaurant.

Really, a local coffee shop? That would be a-mazing.

And a reminder of what it will (at least sort of) look like once the government center is built:

images courtesy of Lewis Real Estate Services


Anonymous said...

I forgot about the Govt Center. What is the hold up, when do they plan to break ground?

Anonymous said...

Is the large building in the background the original design of the ddot center you talked about later? This particular design looks really boring and 90s pomo-esque.