Saturday, December 29, 2007

Great Streets: Anacostia

These are the changes proposed by the Great Streets Initiative, an infrastructure redevelopment program that was supposed to have started this past fall, but has been pushed back again. I also just noticed that they put out a very comprehensive design report (images, renderings, examples, descriptions) in November, which you can access Here - definitely check out the link.

The thing that frustrates me the most at this point is that there are no plans to underground the overhead utility lines - something I plan to formally argue for in the near future.

For more information, check out the MLK Great Streets website

photos by DG-rad
(posted from Vellore, India - that is how oddly dedicated I am...)


Toby said...

Love your blog!! I feel drawn to Anacostia because I spent my first decade of life there until my family bought a house and moved to the suburbs, not white flight, but the American dream. Where we lived was technically not Anacostia, but Far Southeast, near Wheeler Road. There were tons of garden apartment houses then (still are, but some have been torn down) inhabited by young Jewish professionals, in DC to work for the federal government in the 50s. WHen they started having kids, it was time to move out, to Silver Spring, Wheaton, White Oak and Oxon Hill. My dentist and pediatrician were in downtown Anacostia. My first summer job, volunteering for Head Start as a teenager, was also in Anacostia

Anonymous said...

yay! we won!,,HGTV_30676_65472,00.html