Friday, July 27, 2007

This isn't breaking news, but a number of the most forgotten/abandoned libraries in the District are (once again) on their way to seeing some positive progress. Included on this list is our very own Anacostia Library, which now is home to a mobile library actually much nicer than the original.

This isn't the first time the neighborhood has been promised a new library. In 2005 the District hired designers and held public meetings, but nothing happened because of a contract flaw.

Now, Fenty has hired two new design firms to start the process over: The Freelon Group and Davis, Brody, Bond LLP. Not only is this jumpstart to the new library process great news, but these architects should produce much more stunning (but hopefully still practical) buildings than what we were shown in 2005.

Recent work: Davis Brody Bond
rendering courtesy of Experimental Media & Performing Arts Center

Recent work: Freelon Group
rendering courtesy of AIA Charlotte, Afro-American Cultural Center

header graphic by DG-rad

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